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About me

Albert L. Haskie  Lead developer

Ya'at'eeh, Shí éí Albert Haskie Yinishyé.

I am a software developer from the Navajo Nation, and I am the creator of this remarkable app, Adoone’é. Serving as the lead developer in this project, I have strived to uphold my culture and traditions as a Navajo/Diné. It is my deep-rooted belief that everyone should have access to the resources that preserve and celebrate their Navajo/Diné heritage. I find great joy in tackling the Navajo/Diné Language and Culture Preservation in the 21st century. With this app, I aim to contribute to my community and empower others to do the same. Together, we can foster a world where Navajo/Diné individuals can achieve fluency in the Navajo/Diné Language

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Adoone'é Team

The People here that contributed to the development of this app.

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